Moving Into an Office: Your IT Checklist

So you’ve decided it’s time to move into a new office space for your business. Whether your business is moving back from covid era work from home policies, opening a new strategic location, or business expansion, moving to a new office is always a significant milestone for any organization. It signifies growth, evolution, and new beginnings.

But when moving to a new office, it’s more than just shifting furniture and personal belongings. It’s ensuring your office’s technology equipment is safely and effectively transitioned. Navigating the complexities of an office move can be daunting, especially when you factor in the IT aspect. This IT relocation checklist is here to help!

Planning Your New Office Setup: Step-By-Step

Beginning at the Existing Office

  • Office Inventory: Take stock of your current office space and its technology vendors. What software, hardware, and configurations are present?
  • Out with the Old: As you leave your old office, decide which old or broken equipment stays behind and what will be upgraded.

Internet and Network Essentials

  • ISP Research: Ensure your new office location is covered by your desired internet service providers.
  • Redundancy: To avoid network connectivity issues, think about having two ISPs. With redundant network equipment to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Network Cabling Points: Determine where your routers, switches, and other network infrastructure will reside in the new office space.

Equipment and Hardware

  • Choosing a Moving Company: Safely transition servers, computers, and other office equipment. Professional moving companies might be needed for fragile items.
  • Labels: Label every device, cable, and plug.
  • Server Room Setup: Decide on the server room requirements for your new location.

Phone and Communication Infrastructure

  • Evaluate: Review your phone system and decide if it’s time to consult a telecom solution provider.
  • Notify & Test: Keep your phone lines active by informing your provider about the moving date and test in the new space.

Protecting Company Data Systems

  • Back-Up: Safeguard all essential business data before moving.
  • Security Update: Relocating may introduce new security challenges. Ensure your company data systems are secure.

Setting up Employee Workspaces

  • Office Layout: In your new office, determine seating arrangements and IT setups.
  • Network Checks: Verify all workstations have internet access and can connect to essential resources.

Updating Details for Your New Office Location

  • Domains: If your IP is tied to a physical location, ensure it reflects your new office address.
  • Security: Keep SSL certificates current if servers and IPs change.

Post-Move Adjustments: Smooth Transitioning to Your New Office Space

Once the dust settles after the move, there’s still a host of tasks to ensure the business runs smoothly in the new office:

IT Assistance or IT Clinics

Your IT department should be on-site to help with potential hiccups.Set up IT help desks or clinics. Address tech-related concerns, from network connectivity issues to accessing incoming and outgoing emails.

Employee Feedback

Have mechanisms in place for employees to report any issues or challenges they face in the new office space.

Finalize Vendor Setups

Ensure that all services, especially from technology vendors, are fully functional. This includes internet access, how many phone lines you have, and any specialized software or hardware setups.

Inventory Check

Go through the office inventory, making sure that all office supplies from the current office have been successfully moved and are in their rightful places in the new office.

Finalize Moving Contracts

Settle all accounts with the moving companies, ensuring that all terms of the agreement have been met.

Post-Move Review

After settling in, revisit the moving process. Analyze what went well and what lessons can be learned for future office relocations.


The moving process to a new office space is a multifaceted undertaking. From an IT angle, it entails meticulous planning, execution, and post-move assistance. With this office relocation checklist, your technology transition will be seamless and efficient, ensuring a smooth start in your brand-new location!

Ready for a Seamless Office Transition?

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