Brad RBrad R
17:29 20 Sep 23
We couldn't be happier with Sirius Office Solutions and the co-managed IT services they offer. Their team has been great to work with and their response times are very fast. They play a pivotal role with our network planning, network security and IT support. We highly recommend Sirius and their team for any IT needs!
Alex KranzAlex Kranz
14:13 13 Dec 22
Sirius did a great job helping with our IT issues. Above and beyond customer service. Very happy with them.
jessica flanaganjessica flanagan
21:31 16 Jul 21
Thank you Sirius Office Solutions for being a quality and dependable IT service. You have taken so much stress of my plate and now I can actually focus on my business. Cody really knows what he’s doing and I would recommend him in a heart beat!!!
Shari LarsonShari Larson
15:09 09 Jul 21
Sirius Office Solutions was quick to respond and help with my issue. Even though it was a small issue, I received excellent, prompt, professional service. I would use them again and highly recommend them.
melinda guerinmelinda guerin
16:17 03 Feb 21
Cody and his team are amazing to work with. The response time is very fast, and they work hard to resolve the issue with professionalism and speed. They brought our services up with the latest technology and training that we needed especially during these uncertain times.
Howard KrissbergHoward Krissberg
16:44 14 Oct 20
SInce 2008 I have owned Howards Heating and Air and Appliance Repair .Had the pleasure of using Cody at Sirus Office Solutions IT services and support.Found him to be very knowledgeable professional and responsiveHighly recommend.

Sirius Office Solutions is a Managed IT Service provider for businesses in Fort Collins CO. If you are one of many small to medium sized businesses and in need of IT Services in Northern Colorado, we are the team for you! With our Managed IT networking in Fort Collins CO, you will receive IT solutions for a flat fee per month to keep your systems protected and secure. We belong to the top tier of managed service providers. Our purpose is to provide all the necessary requirements to ensure your business operates at the highest capacity.

Fully Managed IT Services Company Fort Collins CO

Our IT Services team works tirelessly to provide Managed Services in order to keep your critical IT systems highly available. With Sirius, you have the ability to reach out on your time and receive unlimited support right away with our expert IT support team! Either on-site or via remote access, we have the ability to immediately respond to any tech issues. We pride ourselves in our quick response and fantastic customer service. Additionally, we have the knowledge to mitigate any technical issues thrown our way. Sirius Office Technology Solutions is your complete IT Services team. We offer a range of IT Managed Services to support your company in City of Fort Collins, CO. Our services include IT Support, Cyber Security, and Computer Repair, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

IT Company Fort Collins CO
IT Services Fort Collins

IT Services Fort Collins

By partnering with Sirius as a Managed Service Provider, you will receive a dedicated engineer. This engineer will serve as your go-to local IT service provider based in Fort Collins. our Colorado-based managed services team monitors and manages your company’s smooth operations. We also provide data backup and troubleshooting for any issues as they arise. Look at us as a technology partner for your business instead of just another vendor to fix things when they break.

Rather than waiting around for a fire to be put out, we make sure we are taking a proactive and holistic approach to your IT. Our remote monitor system in Fort Collins gives you peace of mind knowing that your systems are secure. Our project management team is dedicated to ensuring your business objectives are met. We work diligently to complete projects on time and under budget. Our IT Managed Services company gives City Of Fort Collins CO businesses complete stability.

Our 24/7 Managed Services team monitors and maintains business infrastructure proactively.

Fast Support: With tech support services from Sirius, you will receive super fast response times for issues via chat or phone. Reach out and get a live agent right away.

Business Improvement: We align your business needs with a solid IT solution to match. This approach aims to improve operational efficiency and reduce overhead.

IT Support Services in Northern Colorado

We are your dedicated Managed IT Services team, committed to your business’s success. Our focus is on delivering top-notch IT solutions, services, and processes tailored to your needs. Our managed services company genuinely cares about your business’s growth and prosperity. We will provide network security and incredible Technology solutions to meet your needs. Additionally, we offer D/R (Disaster Recovery) services to ensure business contin

We have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to bring business and technology leaders. Such as yourself and your business in the modern age. Utilizing us to be the Managed Services provider will provide creative and reliable IT solutions in order to address your needs.

Small Business IT Consulting Services

If you own or manage a small business in Fort Collins Colorado you know how much a proper setup is needed these days to run a business. That’s where our IT service and solutions come in! Our agents are available on your time, to provide instant resolution on all of your IT issues. We know how important it is to have your business systems working in today’s world. Having a managed service provider such as Sirius as your IT partner provides your business with an expert tech services team. This team is available on your schedule. All you have to do is give your Managed IT Services team a call to consult and provide the best options for your small to mid size business technology.

IT Outsourcing Fort Collins

Our IT Consultants based out of Fort Collins CO are trained to provide advanced solutions. They will provide a clear and concise roadmap to give your employees the tech they need to thrive. Our extensive experience enables us to integrate existing projects seamlessly with new upgrades. This approach helps in reducing the time required to resolve issues efficiently. Additionally, it minimizes the risk for your business during the integration process.

Our support services team provides expert support with immediate response. Whether it be onsite or remote, we make sure that we are meeting your managed service needs today and going forward. We are digital experts trained to help streamline your business through the use of technology. Optimized IT systems enhance Northern Colorado business staff’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Cloud Services Fort Collins

Cloud Services Provider Fort Collins

Are you looking for Cloud Services in City of Fort Collins? We can help. We offer a variety of technology solutions that are fully cloud-based that will surely meet your needs. Whether you’re in the market for cloud-based applications or backup and disaster recovery services, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs. We also offer cloud storage solutions designed to meet your requirements. Additionally, our expertise extends to managing Azure/AWS service infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

In today’s world, staying up to date on the latest technology is a must. We promise to provide you with the most comprehensive Fort Collins CO managed services to keep your business up and running smoothly. Our goal is to ensure that your employees can perform their jobs without being bothered by pesky technology problems. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions that maintain the seamless operation of your business and support your team’s productivity.

Running a business is a ton of work as we all know. Usually there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with the day to day. Our managed services lets you focus on your business while we provide the technology support for you. However, that is where we can take over. Our team and suite of services assist in keeping your business on task for what matters most..

Using Sirius As Your Managed Services Provider Gives You Peace of Mind

Enhance your IT Infrastructure: Our Fort Collins IT Consultants will conduct a thorough review of your IT network and servers. This includes assessing whether they are cloud-based or on-premises. Additionally, they will evaluate your applications and endpoints to ensure that your technology aligns effectively with your business objectives.

Simplify Technology: Sirius will ensure that all of your employees have an easy-to-use system. This system aims to ensure productivity and efficiency in their workflows. Cloud based or On-Prem, we make tech easy to use.

Ensure Availability:

Our 24×7 monitoring ensures your peace of mind, as our managed services team diligently maintains your systems. They work tirelessly to keep your systems highly available and secure, guaranteeing the uninterrupted delivery of critical services. Our expertise in always-on cloud technology empowers us to provide you with top-notch services. You can rest assured that your essential services are in capable hands.

Cyber Security Fort Collins CO

Sirius is a cybersecurity firm that protects Fort Collins CO small to medium businesses. We provide Cyber Security services designed to fit the needs and budget of organizations of all sizes. Our 24×7 network security team will help to identify security vulnerabilities. Which can be present on your IT Infrastructure including your servers and network. Our team will also implement safeguards to mitigate those vulnerabilities. We also help develop policies and procedures that are a must have to protect your company assets.

Our company provides cybersecurity Fort Collins large businesses and SMB depend on. Our Cyber Security staff are trained in virus removal procedures and many other areas. Such as- data security, penetration testing, security and network monitoring. They also provide compliance services. Our IT Managed Services team includes a full package to take care of all of your IT needs. If you already have your own IT department, we can partner with your existing staff. And make them better by filling in the gaps they need help with, adding project management services. We will simply provide the tools to help them succeed.

Our Network Security Solutions Keep Your Business Protected

Our team offers protection to reduce and control your organization’s risk. Our top priority is to ensure that your systems and services are safe from cyber criminals. Our 24×7 monitoring managed services team detects and prevents threats before they become a major issue on your network. Also, we offer the ability to roll back your systems and data to previous versions in the event of a ransomware or other security incident.

When looking for Security Companies in Fort Collins CO, look no further than Sirius Office Technology Solutions. Sirius Cyber Security is a managed provider that offers the tools and techniques to protect your business. Partnering with us is a huge step in the right direction to keep your Northern Colorado business and sensitive data safe from cyber crime.

We provide easy solutions to complex problems for businesses in Arizona. From our initial strategy consulting, to being on-boarded with our IT Services, we ensure that you are provided with top notch service.

  • Cost containment measures to keep you from over-spending on technology solutions.

  • Enterprise Managed Services to ensure your business needs are met.

  • Immediate response for any technology issues, available via phone or chat.

  • Free IT Assessment to get started with our services.

  • Business continuity services to help ensure your data is protected and highly available.

Sirius Managed IT Services Keeps Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins CO Business Technology Operational.