Proactive Computer Security Services For Your Business

Security breaches are an enormous cost and headache to businesses. Not only do you have to worry about paying the financial costs associated with the breach, but also the time it takes to remediate. Think about all of your customers that you would have to alert, your partners and vendors, as well as the PR hit your business is sure to take. With Cyber Security services, you can rest assured that cyber threats will be one less thing to worry about. Security services are very much needed in this day and age. Let Sirius managed security services protect your critical data and systems so you don’t have to.

24×7 Security Solutions

Cybersecurity Services that don’t include 24×7 monitoring are not cyber security services at all. With hackers working around the clock, you need a team that is working overtime to stop and prevent cyber threats in real time. With Sirius Security Services, we make sure that eyes are always on your systems to make sure no hackers are gaining access to your sensitive data at all times. Not only that, but part of our managed security services also includes keeping your systems up to date and protected from the latest zero day threats.

Managed Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services Utilizing Threat Intelligence

In addition to the traditional IT Security Services, our managed cyber security solutions also include threat intelligence. We utilize the latest and greatest in cyber security tech in order to detect threats that would typically go unnoticed in your systems. Using threat intelligence allows you to rest assured that no matter what type of threat is targeting your business, we have a cyber security solution to stop the cyber threats in their tracks. We stay on top of the latest in security news to ensure we are doing everything we can to improve your security posture.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Next Gen antivirus is so important that we make sure it is included in all of our managed security services for our clients. Cyber threats are no joke, ransomware can put you out of business, and cyber attacks can cost your company millions. That’s why we make sure that our detection and response capabilities are top notch, ensuring that there are no gaps in your network security. Cyber attacks are very sophisticated these days, and you need the proper security solutions to safeguard against those threats. Our antivirus software detects behavior within applications on your computer, stopping the attack in it’s tracks before it can infect your entire network. Not only that, but we perform threat hunting activities as part of our network security procedures to ensure there is no lingering threats within your IT environment.

Managed Security Services Built for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Our security services are built to protect your company and your wallet. The cost of cyber security services can put a business owner off and keep them from investing at all. We tailor our cyber security services to fit our client’s budget, but make sure to implement a solid foundational security posture of detection and response, network security, threat hunting and threat intelligence services. On top of that, we always make sure to advise penetration testing and security assessments to test your network security and implement cyber security services to fill the gaps. Cyber attacks will be minimized with our IT security services.

Security Awareness Training

The largest gap in your network security is your staff. The majority of security incidents are due to employee errors and falling for cyber threats such as phishing attacks. The way to mitigate this gap in your security posture is to implement employee training and ensure your staff knows how to safeguard against these threats. With ongoing training, your employees will be far less likely to click that link, or send that wire transfer to an unknown bank account.

Secure Your Business Technology

Our Managed Cyber Security Services Keep Your Business Protected