Keeping Your Business Technology Safe

Business Technology Safety
With all of the scary news about malware and hackers putting companies out of business permanently due to all data being encrypted or lost for good, it is a good idea to partner with a company that is well versed in Information Security.  Our top priority is to keep your business technology safe so you can focus on your business. There are many ways we are able to do that including having a maintenance plan in place, a solid disaster recovery plan, and making sure that antivirus is kept up-to-date and installed on all machines. There is a new virus seemingly every day these days and the best way to prevent getting infected by one of these, what we call an industry zero day attacks, is to patch your system, patch windows, and update any other applications installed on your computer such as outlook,Adobe flash adobe reader etc.

Part of our IT support plan for businesses in the Phoenix area always includes patching, maintenance, monitoring, back ups, and antivirus management to ensure all of your systems are kept up-to-date and secure. Our business model forces us to ensure the protection of your systems to keep your business running.

It’s very easy these days to open an email thread and outlook click a link and give your password directly to the attacker that is why we also offer a spam filtering service included in our standard IT support package which will ensure that any links included in emails our first verified by the spam filtering service. Another great way to prevent any type of phishing attacks where the attacker can gain access to your password is to train your employees to not click links that show up in email threads and also not typing in passwords on websites they are unsure of. It’s always best to think before you click. The best way for employees to understand this is to train them through phishing simulation programs.

The way that this works is we send a fake phishing email that prompts your users to click the link and see if they click it, if they do click the link we get alerted and we continue to train that user until they fully understand that they should first verify that the link is legitimate and it’s coming from a legitimated sender. If they have any questions they can always reach out to our helpdesk which is available by phone, email or chat. These types of programs are very useful and have proven to prevent phishing attacks at many businesses large and small.
All of these things are very important to have in place to prevent ransomware, phishing attacks and more. It’s not enough these days to just purchase these types of protections and not manage them. Someone has to be actively monitoring systems, keeping them up-to-date and paying attention to security news so they can catch any new threats and keep your business technology safe.
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