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Best IT Support for Your Business
At Sirius Office Solutions, we know how difficult it is to find good IT support for your business. Our primary goal is to provide the absolute best level of service to small businesses in the Phoenix metro area.  With our fully managed IT solutions we can provide immediate remote support via chat phone or email, all you have to do is click a button on your desktop to open up a chat with one of our live certified technicians. In the event that our technicians are unable to troubleshoot remotely to resolve the issue they will escalate to an engineer who will be able to further troubleshoot and/or arrive on site for on-site IT services.

Our primary focus at Sirius Office Solutions is to keep your technology operating as effectively as possible and proactively mitigate any potential issues to keep your business running as efficiently as possible with little to no downtime. We are able to provide that level of service due to our company being a smaller business which allows us the flexibility in being able to manage our customers IT needs effectively and efficiently. Our primary focus is to keep our clients happy, not constant sales and growth. We are a local provider servicing Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa and all other surrounding areas. We are local to Phoenix Arizona and have over 40 years of experience in IT Support collectively. While other IT providers charge per hour and benefit from downtown for your technology, our service model is set up as a flat monthly fee and we benefit the most when your systems are up and running with no issues.
Some small businesses in the Phoenix area call a family member or a friend for IT support but these people may not have the expertise to provide IT support for your all of your technology needs. This may lead to server, pc or network downtime with no recent back ups and a lower level of support. This all can be prevented by hiring a company focused on IT support such as Sirius Office Solutions. You don’t want to risk a security incident and you don’t want to risk a potential of critical data being lost. If your employees are not getting support for the computers and there is no backup in place, this can potentially lead to lost data and ultimately be detrimental to any business. You may think that your business isn’t a target due to not being on “the map” due to company size. However, most cyber attacks are actually occuring to small and mid-size businesses. Worse yet, 60 percent of small businesses go under within 6 months of a cyber attack.



Managed IT Support

Our managed IT service approach to Information Technology is designed to make Information Technology easy on the small business owner. A small business needs to be able to focus on growing their business, keeping their customers happy, paying their employees, and providing a great level of service just like we do here at Sirius Office Solutions for our clients. We want to make sure that small businesses in the Phoenix area are able to thrive because their technology is running as efficiently as it possibly can. This is accomplished by providing a front line of support, help desk technicians, to provide the normal support that employees need on a daily basis. Things like a printer no longer printing, a keyboard not typing, or a program not running fast enough. Our helpdesk is the “face” of our business so to speak as they are the ones interfacing with our clients on a daily basis. We also have a team of NOC engineers and System engineers working in the back-end to keep things managed proactively to prevent any potential issues down the road. This among other roles in the company are what make up our IT company and is why we can provide such a high level of service. We take pride in our technical know how, our drive, and determination to make sure that your technology is up and running efficiently.

Our technicians are trained to not only be technical in the sense of knowing how to resolve problems but also strive to be the best in customer service in order to provide a great level of service to our clients. Whether it be through phone chat or email support we will always do our best to provide the best level of customer service that we possibly can.
If your business is a manufacturing company, an engineering company, dental office, a doctor office, a veterinarian, a drywall company, a construction company, or any other small business in the Phoenix area we know how to provide IT support effectively and efficiently for your business and your employees.

When you are looking for IT support for your business In the Phoenix Arizona area to either replace your current Managed IT provider or reinforce your internal IT department, Give Sirius Office Solutions a call at 480-546-8663 to see how we can help.
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