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VoIP Phone Solutions

Save Money With Better Business Phone Services

We deliver a high quality business VoIP phone solution at a lower cost to you than other phone service providers. If you are tired of paying an outrageous amount on your phone service just to get a sub-par phone service, we can help. We provide new desk phones for your employees, a high quality VoIP phone solution routed through your internet, and IT support to take care of any of your VoIP phone needs.

VoIP Phones Phoenix

Cloud Based VoIP Services in Phoenix AZ

Sirius Office Solutions partners with the leading business VOIP Service providers to give you the best possible service. VOIP business phone service through us provides increased flexibility, features, and a more cost effective platform over traditional phone systems. The service that we can provide with cloud VoIP services in Phoenix improves call quality, additional enterprise grade features, and better service. Utilizing the cloud for VoIP services allows your business to grow and scale the service to fit your needs.

Phone Call Quality
Unmatched Feature Set
Budget Friendly Solutions
Phenomenal Customer Service

Benefits Of Using VoIP

Lower cost is a huge benefit of using VoIP over traditional telephone systems. Costs over traditional lines are typically charged per minute of call time, where VoIP you will either be charged at a very smaller rate or unlimited calling all together. Ease of use and ability to manage the system is far greater on VoIP as well. A intuitive user interface is available on VoIP that allows for management, even for less tech savvy folks. Utilizing an IT service provider such as Sirius Office Solutions, we not only manage your computers and servers, we are here to take care of your phone system as well.