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Cloud Services

Cloud and Hosted IT Services

Sirius Office Solutions provides the best in class Cloud Services in the Phoenix area. Services including Infrastructure-as a service (IaaS), Software as a service (SAAS), Hardware as a service (HaaS), Desktop as a service (DaaS), and Cloud Hosting (Data Center Services) are all provided by us. These types of services can help your business stay modern and reduce capital investments, instead spending on operational costs on a per month basis. 


Change requires knowledge, expertise, transparency and action. In this rapidly changing digital age, you need a team that is experienced and up to the challenge to help your business through the change. We assist our clients in transforming their business and adapting to this new age of tech. We are dedicated to assist your team in using technology to drive operational efficiency and growth through technology.

Cloud Services Phoenix

Secure, Mobile Cloud Services

See how our custom cloud solutions can benefit your business. Our secure Cloud and Hosted IT services are designed to keep your company’s data safe, while keeping your employees at maximum productivity. Our Hosted IT Services allow for your employees to work outside of the office, with the same experience as if they were in the office. A new mobile workforce is here, let’s ensure your employees can be productive on the go.


We improve our business operations by designing a solution that works for your business. Cloud solutions allow your employees to access, share, edit and collaborate on files and applications from anywhere, on any device. All of our solutions are designed to be secure, backed up, highly available and easy to access.

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