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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

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Worry Free Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Our backup and disaster recovery services are designed in a way to keep your critical data, systems and services available, even in the event of a disaster. This is done through planning and design sessions with your company to establish a plan for business continuity. We know that in this evolving world your employees, customers, vendors and other entities must have access to the services your company provides even in the worst case scenario of your main office being non-operational. Our top priority at Sirius Office Solutions is to keep your systems operational and your data secure.

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Cloud Backup Maintenance and Monitoring
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Business Continuity With Our Backup Solutions

With our Cloud backup and Continuity services, your business stays operational regardless of technology issues. We help you get rid of pesky drive issues, inconsistent backups and backup management issues. Keeping your data protected is one of the most important functions that we provide as an IT service provider. It allows us to eliminate downtime for your business and shifts the responsibility off the business owner to the Managed IT Service provider to protect your business data. Our cloud backup services securely backs up and stores your data in a safe place fully managed by our highly trained IT team.

Disaster Recovery Phoenix

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Consultation

Our Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRaaS) protects your critical data and applications, while maintaining efficient productivity for your business. It all starts with our on-site consultation to review the current IT infrastructure and identify operational risks. We design our solutions around your current and planned technology to fit your needs and budget. Our expert IT team then tests and implements the solution, with full transparency so you are aware of the status along the way. Going forward, our team manages your data backup and DR solution to prevent any inconsistencies or errors that may occur with the solution. We monitor and maintain the solution to ensure your data is protected in a secure environment ready to be restored if necessary.