IT Management Services

IT Management Services

Information Technology is needed in every business these days. From manufacturing to healthcare, from construction to insurance, every industry needs to have working computers these days. An IT company enables your small business to thrive by proving Managed IT Services. An IT Company can provide the necessary knowledge, experience and services to keep your business technology up and running efficiently. If your server is down an IT company will come to the rescue to fix it. If your phone system is not receiving calls any more, an IT company can plug in a few wires and troubleshoot their way to resolution. If one of your employees can’t seem to figure out how to send that email, don’t worry, an IT company can take care of that as well. These types of problems typically fall under IT Help Desk which is one major part of an IT company. Usually if you look in the Phoenix area for a Phoenix IT Company you will find a lot of Managed IT Providers that provide Managed IT Services. These services of course include the help desk function that I mentioned, but also include full management of all of your technology needs. A good company will partner with the business to provide a custom solution tailored to your business. A typical provider may just give you the same technology as all of the rest of their clients, without really discussing your needs. At Sirius Office Solutions, we strive to ensure that the technology we recommend and solutions we provide align with your business goals, budget and needs to keep you happy. A quarterly review of all of your technology and business processes surrounding that technology is part of all of our Managed IT Services packages.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

When discussing the benefits of IT Management Services, there are many things to take into account. For one, end user support is crucial in making sure that all of your employees are taken care of when issues arise. We do our best to proactively maintain and monitor your PCs, servers, network, and other endpoints, but issues will still come up. That is why we provide a fully staffed help-desk with unlimited support. The proactive maintenance and monitoring with a Managed IT Company typically includes software on each of the business computers which alerts the Managed IT Company when issues pop up. Say a hard drive is on it’s last leg, well your IT company can get an alert and take action rather than wait for the hard drive to die and potentially lose data. Speaking of data, a good IT Services Company will ensure all of your critical data is being backed up to the cloud, with full visibility so you can see for yourself the data is safe.

Another great part of using Managed IT Services is the Information Security provided. A standard Managed IT Services package may include things like antivirus, endpoint detection and response, spam filtering, and a team of engineers monitoring your systems for any active brute force attempts, malware, ransomware or other viruses. Small businesses have a lot to worry about these days when it comes to Cyber Security. Seeing as how the average cost to a business for a  ransomware attack costs on average $133,000, it makes sense to partner with a IT Management Services Company to prevent these types of issues.

When searching for a Phoenix based Managed IT Services Provider, give us a call at 480-546-8663 and see if we can help. Our goal is to keep your technology working as efficiently as possible, keep your employees working and stick to a monthly price that fits your budget.


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