Hot Jobs Right Now

Technology continues to advance and be a key part of our daily lives. With each innovation comes a new opportunity for employment. If you are thinking of making a career change or just looking to start your career within IT, then this is a great list for you. Some of these jobs may require education and/or a few years of experience to start, however that absolutely does not mean that they are not worth considering, especially if you’re wanting to advance your career in this fascinating field.

Here is a list of 4 of the best paying career paths in IT at the moment.

Web Developer

A Web Dev’s primary focus is on building user-friendly, beautifully designed web pages by utilizing programming languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and more. This type of job should always be very much in demand well into the future for as long as the world continues to rely on e-commerce, social media, and the internet at large. Based on the national average, you should be looking at around $79,000 after a few years of experience.

Application Analyst

This role is more business oriented when it comes to applications. An Application Analyst typically focuses on what systems are best to run the business. They assist in the selection process for a business, and work on implementation duties of those systems. Some Application Analysts may even help to build the applications required, so some programming knowledge may be necessary. Duties also typically include testing and refinement of business applications over the long term. You should be able to earn close to $75,000 in this type of role.

Digital Marketing

Typically, the ads that pop up on Social Media, Google, etc. are done by a team of digital marketing professionals. A Digital Marketer helps the business by bringing leads from ads. You will mostly likely be working on ads that include downloads, clicks, e-books and purchases. To break into digital marketing you don’t need a degree, however when the job market is more competitive, it is great to have certifications or experience. Usually you can start in the Digital Marketing space at around $40,000 per year.

Infosec Specialist

With cyber threats on the rise and online incidents happening on the daily, security pros are more in demand than ever. A professional in this space is typically responsible for management and keeing systems safe from internal and external threats including PCs, server infrastructure and apps. Someone in this position also will focus on keeping your business safe from all types of issues. A degree is typically necessary, and at least a few years in IT to start. These types of positions demand a higher salary, starting around $95,000.

If you are thinking about shifting or advancing your career in this industry, I hope this list helps on your journey. A great career is always worth the investment no matter if it is time, money or effort.