Fix Your Business Computers

Fixing Your Business PC

Business Computer Issues Getting You Down?

Issues with computers are more and more of an issue these days, in large part due to technology being so crucial for businesses. That is why it costs businesses $1.55 million per year according to this handy infographic from ERS. Not to mention some other eye opening statistics like it taking 200 minutes to resolve an incident of IT downtime. With these kinds of numbers, it is necessary to have an IT team you can trust to take care of your business computer support. A Managed IT provider such as Sirius Office Solutions can help to resolve any business computer issues with ease and tremendous customer service. We strive to be the best IT provider in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding areas. With over 40 years of shared experience across our team, and being on both the receiving and giving end of business computer support, we know exactly what is needed to provide the best service. Have you ever had an outlook issue that your tech support just couldn’t figure out, resulting in you having to wait hours for a resolution, or worse not being able to send or receive mail for hours? We take pride in our level of service by making sure our technicians have not only the technical know how but also do our very best to provide the highest level of customer service possible. Our business IT support clients are treated like family here at Sirius Office Solutions and we do everything we can to ensure a timely resolution to any business computer issues possible. If we don’t know the answer to a problem, our entire team jumps in to help and we make sure no issue is left un-resolved.

Have you ever had a virus that left your computer unuseable or rendered your sensitive data useless? You wouldn’t be alone. 64% of businesses have experienced a web based attack, meaning most businesses have. With our managed IT solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your managed service provider is taking care of your business computer issues before they arise. IT companies like ours provide antivirus, endpoint detection and response (advanced antivirus), anti-spam, anti-phishing simulations, and architect your network and systems in a way to keep your critical business systems safe. Our team of dedicated system, network and network operations center engineers focus on keeping your business safe and preventing issues before they arise. They spend their days patching your systems for operating system updates as well as 3rd party updates, monitoring your system alerts and adjusting configurations to align with best practices. When it comes to business computer issues, we know how to resolve them before they take place.

When business computer issues do arise however, we are able to fix your business PCs by initiating a remote session and working on the issue. Typically if you open a chat window with one of our certified technicians, the session will begin by you explaining your issue, our tech will look at the issue with you and resolve from there. It may take some researching, looking into past tickets and reading our internal documentation, but know that we will resolve the issue. Of course this would be the same if you were to email or call our helpdesk as well. If there is ever an issue that can’t be resolved remotely, our techs know to escalate to an on-site engineer to come to your office and resolve the issue for you. This is all covered under our managed IT service plans.

So if you are looking for the best computer repair company in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, look no further. Sirius Office Solutions can provide the Business IT Support your are looking for to help with any business computer issue.

Give us a call at 480-546-8663.

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