Cloud Backup Solutions

We are Sirius about Business Continuity. Our primary focus is to ensure our customer’s data is secure and highly available. Our backup solutions are tailored with our Client’s IT infrastructure and industry in mind to ensure a secure and compliant solution. Our first goal is to scope a proper solution that will be safe from ransomware or any other disaster. We then select the proper software that is compliant with your industry specifications and has the ability to not only backup locally but also perform a cloud backup. Doing this allows us to recover from a point in a time before the data was lost or deleted, and pull it down from a cloud environment completely separate from your internal network. A full image backup of your servers are typically required, which not only allows us to restore the entire system from a backup, but also certain files and folders as needed.

After your initial backup specifications are met, we then move to setting up monitoring and maintenance service for your backups. That way you can rest assured that all of your data is being offloaded on a daily basis to prepare for disaster recovery. You will receive a monthly backup report as part of our monthly IT service program to give you peace of mind that your data is secure. If you ever need it, we can restore your data at a moments notice.

Our team has the experience and know how on what to do to keep your company safe no matter what comes your way.

Disaster Recovery Services
Data Backup for Small Businesses

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Tailored For Your Business

Preparing for a disaster seems like a daunting task. Will a tornado hit? A tsunami? Sharknado? Whatever it may be, a little bit of preparation can go a long way. Most small businesses don’t think to create a business continuity plan. Doing so can be the difference of being down for a day vs being out of business for life. It happens far too often to small businesses, so taking the time do come up with a plan is very helpful.

Our disaster recovery planning is designed to be tailor fit to your business, so we can protect your data, recover in a timely manner, all while staying within budget. For example, you may be OK with being down for a full day if it saves you a lot of money monthly, or downtime may not be tolerable and require the latest and greatest D/R solution. We can help with your data backup and recovery solutions either way.

Strategic Business Continuity Planning

The data that your business stores may just be the most valuable part of your business. What would you do without this data? We make sure that your data stays safe and is easily restored. We’ll set up a regular data recovery test to give us and your team peace of mind that we can in fact restore the data if ever needed. Not only that, but we can also show a full restore of your servers and network to prepare for the absolute worst case. Our D/R services protect your crucial apps and data so you don’t have to.

Our solutions come in at an affordable price for any organization no matter the size. You simply pick a plan best suited to your business. For example, if you need a solution to recover fully to the cloud at a moments notice, we have a solution ready to be turned on for your business. It’s best to be always prepared for the worst to ensure business continuity.

Protect Your Business With Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services