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Sirius specializes in cybersecurity outsourcing for Phoenix businesses and healthcare facilities. We provide network security services to organizations of all sizes. Our expertise helps prevent cyber-attacks you may otherwise be vulnerable to. Trained on call engineers can assist in identifying those vulnerabilities, as well as develop processes and procedures necessary to reinforce your operations.

Sirius offers complete protection to help manage your organization’s risk. Our service ensures that your business is a smaller target for online criminals. We monitor your infrastructure to detect and stop any threats before they can cause any serious issues. In addition, we setup your environment for rapid recovery in the unlikely event you do get attacked.

Our team has the advanced tools and proven methodologies to meet your business needs. So, not only will you have access to industry experts, but you will also have a true partner working to support your organization from all types of online criminals.

Cybersecurity Phoenix, AZ
Network Security Phoenix, AZ

Expertly Designed Cybersecurity Services

Our solutions are designed to protect small to mid sized businesses. All too often, a large price tag forces businesses to settle for less. Let us show you how we can keep your business safe while keeping your costs down. Our plans includes assessments, guidance, and implementations needed to keep your company safe.

Your best defense against data breaches, malware and other threats is a layered defense model including evaluation, detection, and prevention. The assessments are designed to reveal any vulnerabilities that may be lurking within your business technology. We identify these gaps in order to remediate the vulnerabilities, essentially mitigating weaknesses that can be exploited by any bad actors. Maintaining and monitoring your assets is an essential part of our protection platform. Our team of support experts keep a close eye on your systems to prevent any threats before they turn into major problems.

SMB & Healthcare Network Security

As threats grow more advanced by the hour, protecting your Phoenix organization’s infrastructure becomes increasingly challenging. Luckily, Sirius is a completely hands-on partner. Our local engineers actively monitor and review your systems regularly. In turn, this helps to make sure you are protected at all times. A comprehensive solution should include ongoing vulnerability detection and configuration change alerting. It should also include notifications to suspicious behaviors and activities.

Our expert team can help defend organizations of any size. As the threat landscape evolves day after day, smarter applications are needed to properly protect companies. Our comprehensive solutions make sure issues are blocked before they start, with proactive protection for your entire infrastructure. Sirius’ support team works with you to make sure everything is set up properly to run at peak performance.

Cybersecurity Services Phoenix

Get protection computer networks need with advanced cybersecurity.