Small to Medium Sized Business VoIP

Sick of paying an insane amount for business phone services for awful service? Our VoIP services are designed to fit the needs of a large business, scaled down to fit the budget of a small business. We make unified communications easy for you to deliver quality service for your own customers.

As you may know, VoIP is a service designed to allow end users to make and receive calls over an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines. Instead of an old school PBX system, VoIP uses a cloud PBX converting telephone audio into digital. This helps you and your staff service your customers from anywhere, at any time, rather than having to be at your desk in the office any time you need to use the phone.

Thankfully with cloud phone systems, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or features. You get all the same voice features of analog lines, plus better call quality, more advanced features and an easy to manage back end. The phone services we offer are designed to scale as your business grows from a small business to a large one.

Business Phone Services

VoIP Services For The Future

We only choose the best in class cloud based phone systems for our clients. We want to ensure that our cloud PBX helps our customers improve their voice quality and functionality of the system. This way our small and medium sized businesses that we support can in turn provide phenomenal customer service to their own customers. With VoIP services, you can grow your business while scaling the phone service to fit your needs. No need to upgrade or add new hardware as you grow, simply add more seats to the system. With the business class features of our VoIP systems, you will have the best in class unified communications

  • Cost Effective: Save time and money with by switching from an analog phone system to cloud based VoIP.

  • Easy to Use: You can access our phone system anytime, anywhere. This will help your business grow with always on availability.
  • Large Selection: You’ll have a variety of desk phones and headsets to choose from, rather than being stuck with an old clunky telephone. Or you can simply use the app.

Modern Phone System Features

With our phone system that saves money and improves efficiency, it is the perfect solution for a growing business. With an easy to use softphone app and management, you will notice a huge increase in team collaboration and communication. With our system, you will have the ability to see who is online, instant message with the team no matter where they are, have phone calls and receive your voicemail all in one app. Some of the most popular features include Caller ID, Auto Attendant, Call Queues, voicemail forwarding and voicemail transcription to name a few.

Not only do our phone systems have these great features, but you will also be able to keep your current phone numbers and port them into our service. VoIP runs over an internet connection, so no more need for old phone cables running throughout your office or an ancient phone system hung up on your wall. We will help you through the complete process to ensure that there is no impact to the operations of your business and have you up and running on cloud based VoIP in no time.

Bring Your Business Into the Modern Age With Business Phone Services