Business IT Support Cost

Business IT Support Cost

How Much Does Business IT Support Cost?

Budgeting for information technology service can be very challenging for small businesses. Many larger corporations have the ability to hire employees to take care of their technology needs. When it comes to small businesses that’s just not feasible. Many times small businesses end up having to use the office manager or other tech savvy employees to take care of the business IT support. Thankfully there’s a better way.
To support the very important task of maintaining your small business technology, small businesses now have a variety of choices. Companies can use days purchase cloud solutions for monthly fees Such as Amazon And Microsoft azure instead of purchasing a server. This may cost less than a $15,000 server however you will be paying a monthly fee in the long run it might actually cost more to move to the cloud. The good thing about this cloud services is that they don’t require as much maintenance as an on-premise physical server. However, someone will still need to support these servers even if they are in the cloud. You will also need somebody to support your office 365 for email, your computers, your cell phones, your backups, and any other technology that is vital to business. So the choice comes down to either hiring a IT person or multiple IT people which typically cost between $58,173 to $74,765 per year in Phoenix for one employee not including benefits and other costs. Instead of paying for a full time employee, companies have the option to outsource their business IT support to a Managed Service Provider. The cost to outsource is typically far less for a small business and you get much more value from a company supporting your technology rather than a single person that may not have the diverse knowledge of a business IT support company. Most companies that decide to outsource their business IT support typically spend between $1000 and $9000 per month. This varies depending on the number of employees and the number of systems to support.


Recurring IT Service Costs

To determine the monthly Business IT support cost for a small business it’s typically a process exactly outlined in a standard calculator. Whenever Sirius Office Solutions prices out the managed IT support price, many factors are taken into account. Such as:
  • Number of users (employees)
  • Number of computers
  • Number of servers either in the cloud or on premise
  • Size of network and number of network devices
  • Size of data to be backed up to the cloud
  • Need for software such as office 365, advanced antivirus, advanced back up, Adobe or other software.

To determine cost, business IT support providers estimate the number of hours needed to support the business, and the cost of the software and other services being provided. There is of course a standard set of software and services that an IT services company provides, However the standard may not fit every small business and during the initial assessment there may be some services removed and some added based on your needs.
Typically a Business IT support company will charge on a per device basis ranging from $50 to $125 for each computer and typically $100-$200 per server. The business IT support company they also charge for on-site services per hour as well as the back up storage per gigabyte. At Sirius Office Solutions we have found that it is a better idea for us to be transparent with our pricing and charge a per user per flat fee which includes support for all of your technology. That way your business can budget accordingly and know exactly how much you’ll be charged every month for IT support for your business.
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