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Sirius takes business continuity planning and disaster recovery for Phoenix AZ organizations to the next level. From files, folders databases and more, we protect all of your mission critical information with the best backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions available. Not only can we help give you peace of mind, but we also help protect your files from all internal and external threats. In addition, as part of our ongoing maintenance, we backup and monitor all of your important documents and can recover them at a moments notice.

As we know, if business files get compromised or destroyed, the fallout for any company could be destructive. Could your organization continue to function if everything was lost? Without the proper solutions in place, you could end up compromising your entire infrastructure. Luckily, our experienced team of technicians won’t let that happen. Sirius provides the complete suite of defenses, which includes complete data protection and disaster recovery. Our solutions aim to keep your systems and data available no matter what.

In addition, we also understand your need for a properly maintained and monitored system. You can rest assured that your information is safe and accessible at all times. Our specialists know how to keep you up and running in the rare instance of a complete catastrophe.

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Data Backup Solutions

It’s really easy to avoid creating a business continuity plan. It can be difficult and time consuming. You have various other important things to focus on, so you don’t always think about the worst case scenarios. However, we have seen what happens when businesses of all sizes aren’t ready. This is definitely not the time to put off critical functions of your IT such as disaster recovery planning. Thankfully, we have the tools and expertise to make the entire process easy.

Increased Protection: Secure mission-critical files & ensure security and compliance.

Increased Uptime: Minimize downtime so you can get back to work after a disaster.

Decreased Costs: Lower costs by ditching bulky and expensive physical backups.

We all know that hard drives can fail, laptops can be stolen, and files can be erased by anyone. Sirius designs a customized disaster recovery plan to make sure you are protected at all times. We provide affordable, all-in-one solutions with full onsite and offsite protection. Here at Sirius, our top priority is to keep your systems operational and your data secure.

Customized Disaster Recovery Plans

Your critical business information is your most valuable asset. Sirius provides the assurance you need for your entire organization. Not only will our team develop solutions for quick and easy restores, but we will also create a long-term strategy. Our Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRaaS) protects your critical information and applications, while also maintaining efficient productivity for your business.

It all starts with our onsite consultation to review your current infrastructure and identify operational risks. We design our solutions around your current and planned setup to fit your needs and budget. Our expert team then tests and implements the correct solutions, with full transparency so you are aware of the status along the way. We monitor and maintain your entire system to ensure your files are protected in a secure environment, and ready to be restored if necessary. Not only do we provide offsite cloud storage to protect the integrity of your files, but we also ensure the immediate availability of your information if needed.

  • Advanced protection from viruses, malware, and unauthorized access.
  • Remote access to your files with end-to-end encryption.
  • Safeguarding important documents.
  • Continuously monitoring your systems.
  • Seamless and safe fail-overs.
  • Offsite copies of your entire file structure.

We strive to offer the best solutions at an affordable price for every organization, large or small. You can choose the plan that best suites your company’s needs. In fact, we even provide hassle-free options that will have you up and running within just a matter of minutes. You just never know what can happen, so it’s always best to be prepared for anything!

Business Continuity Planning & Data Backup

Safeguard technologies with business continuity planning for Phoenix AZ area organizations.