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Sirius Office Solutions provides a premiere level of service unmatched by our competition. Our focus is providing a higher level of service and IT tools that our competitors are unable to provide. Most other providers may be worried about driving the cost down with cheaper labor, the cheapest tools on the market, and focus mainly on marketing and sales, rather than the IT support that your business needs. Those are some of the main reasons why you may not be so happy with your current provider, or are in the market for a new IT provider and doing your research. Before going with another competitor, give us a call and let us discuss why we are the best IT support company in Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise, Peoria and the Phoenix metro area in general.


Technical Expertise

When it comes to bringing on new talent, we look first for skills, experience and customer service ability. Our goal is not to hire the cheapest but the best talent we can find, and retain that talent by providing perks other IT businesses may not provide. Our focus is keeping the best IT support technicians happy so that they can provide your business the stellar level of service that we provide. Your business technology is crucial to your business, and we know that your systems need to stay up and running to keep your business operational. Our techs know this as well, and keeping them happy is our top priority to keep your business technology running smooth. Continuous improvement, obtaining certifications, research and development, are among the many things we do to keep our IT service technicians the best in Phoenix. Keeping your systems up and running with proactive maintenance keeps our technicians available to continuously improve their abilities, rather than putting out fires all day due to broken systems. Other providers may require your employees put in a ticket and wait for a computer issue. This may take up to a day or two before you even hear back from the IT support company! That is why we provide live technicians immediately either via chat or email to work on your problems as soon as they arise. Providing such a high level of service means that we can continue to learn more to consult and provide recommendations of the latest and greatest technology.

Systems Built to Last

The systems we provide in all of our Managed Service packages are another feature that allows us to provide the best IT support in Phoenix. We don’t skimp out and purchase the cheapest technology we can find, rather we acquire the best technology and make sure you are aware of the benefits of these types of services. As part of our on-boarding process, we ensure that we build out a custom IT package based on your needs, with the best possible technology to fit those needs.We don’t believe in a cookie cutter level of service for every business, rather our philosophy is to find out what your business needs and provide solutions based on those needs. That way our price stays low and your level of service stays high.

Focused On Service

We are an IT company first and foremost. Some of our other providers focus on sales and marketing of their service and are far less worried about actually providing the service that they are selling. We are fully transparent in our sales process and make sure you are happy before locking you in to any terms. That is why we provide a month just to try us out for free, and if you aren’t happy with us you can cancel your service.
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