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We believe that setting a business up to have as few critical technology failures as possible during working hours is the best answer to keeping productivity at a maximum. With our complete Phoenix based managed IT services, we offer minimally invasive support for all aspects of your technology. This model has been built to reduce downtime and avoid interruptions during the day to keep your business technology and your company running at it’s full potential. Our managed IT services saves your company money due to the savings of outsourcing your IT support rather than paying internal employees, as well as efficiency and hardware and software savings that we are able to provide.

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Managed IT Service Provider

Sirius Office Solutions is an Information Technology services company dedicated to offering the best IT solutions for your small to medium sized business. We offer a wide array of managed IT services tailored to fit your business needs.

Exceptional Customer support

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide an extremely high level of service. Our client's happiness is our top priority.

Intelligent Solutions

Our staff is trained to provide the most efficient solutions when it comes to technology. Our IT support is the best quality in Phoenix AZ.

Modern Cyber Security Solutions

Our state of the art cyber security systems keep your business protected from security threats such as phishing and ransomware.

On-Demand IT Support

Call, email or chat with us and reach a live technician waiting to assist you with any of your IT support needs.

What we do ?

 Managed IT Services

Technology is necessary in this day and age to keep your business running. IT is constantly changing and you need experienced and knowledgeable IT consultants to advise on the best solutions for your business.

Our state of the art Managed IT Services solutions will offer the best value to your business while keeping your critical systems monitored, up to date and secure. Sirius Office Solutions is a Managed IT Service Provider that can handle all of your IT needs.

We’ve all seen the headlines about some company getting hacked. No one should have to pay to access their own data and you shouldn’t either. We can show you how to protect yourself and your business’ data.

Cloud services provide your business with a competitive edge compared to other businesses with old, slow technology solutions. Utilizing the cloud can provide efficiencies such as accessing your data and business apps, wherever and whenever you need it the most.

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your critical data will still be available after a disaster. Let us give you piece of mind with our backup and disaster recovery solutions for server and desktop backup solutions.

Partnering with Sirius Office Solutions allows you to have one vendor for all of your IT needs. We offer VOIP solutions to fit your needs and budget, with our experienced IT Support technicians to assist with all of your Voice over IP needs.

Phoenix IT Services

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Managed IT Services

Sirius Office Solutions is a Managed IT Services company dedicated to offering the best IT support solutions for your small to medium sized business. We offer a wide array of IT support and managed IT solutions tailored to fit your business needs. Located in Phoenix, AZ, we are your local tech partner.

Worry Free IT Support

Time is the biggest expense for nearly every business. Even more so for small business owners. Our job is to help you focus on building your business, not yelling at your printer.

Expert IT Consulting

We have a team of IT Consultants ready to help you with any IT Consulting needs you may have. Let us worry about the latest and greatest technology for your business.

Stellar Service, Guaranteed

We provide our Managed IT Services for free for 30 days, just to try us out. We know that we provide a fantastic level of service. Give us a try and see for yourself.

Our skills

IT Expertise You Can Trust

We know that our Managed IT Services are top notch. All of our technicians undergo an extensive onboarding and training process to ensure they are well trained in the latest and greatest in technology, as well as our client’s environments. In this rapidly changing world of technology, it is imperative that our employees are continuously undergoing training and certification paths to further their knowledge. Our goal is to be your trusted IT Support partner in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas by providing the best IT support possible.

Customer Service
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Cyber Security
Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) offer an IT Support program for businesses. Instead of paying for an IT person or a team of IT people internally, we provide an outsourced IT department model. This ensures that all of your IT needs are met including your IT support, Information Security, Backups and Disaster Recovery, and more. There is also the option to augment and reinforce your existing IT personnel by providing our expertise and knowledge in other areas that your internal team may struggle with.

Managed Service Providers have different ways of charging their customers. Some charge per hour and per service, some charge a flat monthly rate with support billed per hour, and others charge a monthly rate for all services combined. Make sure to ask what you should expect your bill to be every month so you aren’t hit with any large unexpected bills. Make sure the contract between your company and the Managed IT Service Provider is clear and outlines exactly the work to be performed.

A large part of the job of a Managed IT Service Provider is keeping your systems safe from security threats. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and your system needs to be on constant guard. Your IT Support Provider should ensure your systems are patched across your network, running the latest antivirus versions, and even be alerted on major attacks before they do significant damage.

A good IT Service Provider won’t stop at fixing your issues when they come up. Your Managed IT Service Provider should be working with your business to analyze your tech relationship. They should offer alternatives and opportunities to improve your business using technology. A Quarterly Business Review with your IT Service Provider is a great tool to review these types of opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Questions to ask your Managed IT Service Provider

As businesses recognize that maintaining their IT environment is a difficult task, and more than their internal employees can handle, they are moving towards hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Using an outside Managed IT Service Provider places the responsibility of IT support and management onto a team of experts. With many IT companies in Phoenix, Arizona to choose from, selecting the best company can be a difficult task. Here are a few questions you should ask your existing or potential new MSP.